Horticulture Finance

Shoppers want for crops all year round which has made horticulture big business. This has led to a need for bigger, better and more technological greenhouses and poly-tunnels. Gavin Dixon Finance can help you finance your business whether it’s getting your first poly tunnel up and running or helping your continued expansion into hydroponics.

Horticulture plants serve a huge number of roles in everyday life from salad crop tomatos and cucumbers through to soft fruit strawberries and blackcurrants. They are also used to start the flowers and bushes we see in our parks and towns making the places we live look nicer and brightening up our lives. Gavin Dixon Finance can help you invest in your continued expansion.

Ways we can help you:

  • Constructing new greenhouses or buildings
  • Expansion of garden centres and nurseries
  • Buying machinery and equipment
  • Buying adjacent land
  • Orchard planting and management
  • Improving access and parking facilities